THE RECAP - Take Action: Personal Branding Decoded

Beyond The Bio

29-02-2024 • 5 mins

Welcome to this week’s Beyond the Bio bonus episode. In these short recaps, I’m picking out my key takeaway from Monday’s show and creating an actionable tip you can implement right now.

In this week’s episode I chatted to the Founder of Great Influence; Ash Jones. We spoke about our perceptions of the term personal branding, how it differentiates but also interlinks to your company branding, and where the future of ‘personal branding’ is going. We also covered some of the most notable personal branding moves, what is important when thinking about your personal brand, as well as touching on the way algorithms can affect the content we share.

These bonus episodes are full of actionable tips and tricks that you can take forward to raise your profile. I’d love to know if you find these helpful and hear about which action points you’ve decided to embrace.

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Monday’s Episode:

030: Personal Branded Decoded with Ash Jones