THE RECAP - Take Action: How Books Boost Business

Beyond The Bio

21-03-2024 • 6 mins

Welcome to this week’s Beyond the Bio bonus episode. In these short recaps, I’m picking out my key takeaway from Monday’s show and creating an actionable tip you can implement right now.

In this week’s episode I was joined by Marianne Page. Marianne runs a global small business focused on helping other successful small business owners, in any industry, to build an operation that runs like clockwork without them needing to be there.

In our conversation, Marianne and I chatted about her love for writing, how she has published her books and how they can help boost business success. Marianne is now the author of 3 books, so she provided a lot of useful tips and tricks about how to sharpen your focus on writing.

These bonus episodes are full of actionable tips and tricks that you can take forward to raise your profile. I’d love to know if you find these helpful and hear about which action points you’ve decided to embrace.

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033: How Books Boost Business with Marianne Page