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Welcome to Dadville! Join musicians and sometimes-comedians Dave Barnes and Jon McLaughlin in the journey of life, love and the pursuit of dad-ding on the Dadville Podcast. Get your fill of dad jokes, laughs, and heartfelt conversations while these dads and their guests talk about the journey of life and fatherhood.

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Phil Wickham: We're No Doctors
Phil Wickham: We're No Doctors
Let's get this right out of the way. We spend an abnormal amount of time talking about Phil Wickham's hair. It's majestic. Anyways, Phil is an incredible musician with a voice that we are all thankful exists in this world. Listen in as Phil shares stories about his dad offering some wise musical advice, how he started to lead worship at 13(!), and how he overcame a nearly career-ending injury. Also, we have a Dadville First! (You have to listen to find out).  Become a citizen of Dadville: Matthew West Podcast - Each week listeners will be taken behind-the-scenes into Matthew’s studio,StoryHouse, to experience some of the powerful stories behind his music. New episodes are released every Wednesday so be sure to listen and subscribe to the Matthew West Podcast today! Knockaround - Go to and use the promo code DADVILLE15 for 15% off your order of an awesome new pair of sunglasses! Fabric - Join the thousands of parents who trust Fabric to protect their family. Apply today in just minutes at Nutrafol - Find out why over 4,000 healthcare professionals recommend Nutrafol for healthier hair. Head to and use the promo code DADVILLE Flourish: The NIV Bible for Women and Rooted: The NIV Bible for Men are available both in hardcover and leathersoft styles. Find out more and order your copy at Privacy & Opt-Out: