Late Night Drive with Ellie & Michaela

Ellie Schnitt & Michaela Okland

Tune your radio up to Bestie FM. Ellie Schnitt and Michaela Okland are pulling up as your drivers, snack providers, and must-see landmark coordinators on this Late Night Drive to everywhere. The bi-coastal besties are breaking down popular culture, the newest and oldest psychological studies, the funniest facts throughout history & everything in between! With sensitivity and humor, Michaela & Ellie are tucking you into the passenger seat and chatting all night long to navigate you through the best and the worst of adult life. read less

Our Editor's Take

“This is a community. It's not about me; it's about us.” That was one of Ellie Schnitt's first statements on her podcast Late Night Drive. Ellie Schnitt is the former host of the Schnitt Talk podcast. That show made her one of the most popular personalities on Barstool Sports. But Late Night Drive has a different tone. She wants to make this show feel like a sincere collaboration between her and her listeners.

“We're going to be talking dating, friendships, work, mental health, and literally anything else that pops into our heads,” she says. “Just like you would on a late-night drive with your best friend.”

It's important to Ellie Schnitt that her listeners feel comfortable and at ease. And that goes for when they're only listening or called in with a problem. It's “like when you and your best friend have nothing else to do. It's, like, a Friday night in your hometown. And you really need to rant about something, so you get in the car and you just drive.”

Those, she maintains, were always the most cathartic conversations for her. They made her feel like things were going to be OK. And that's the feeling she wants to provide for her audience. Whether she's offering cat ownership tips or dealing with a true crisis doesn't matter. Ellie Schnitt always sounds like she's chatting with someone she's known forever. She comes off as genuine. And talking things out seems to help her as much as it helps the folks she's interacting with.

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