They Did What?! the Citizen App Podcast

Bryan McKenna & Mike Toohey

On "They did What?!" The Citizen App Podcast, comedians Bryan McKenna and Mike Toohey delve into the world of crime and safety as seen on the Citizen app. In each episode, they take a lighthearted approach to discussing the latest crimes reported in their local area, highlighting the absurdity of some of the incidents and sharing their own humorous takes on the situations. From car thefts to animal sightings, no crime is too small or too strange for Bryan and Mike to tackle. Listeners can expect plenty of witty banter, hilarious commentary, and unexpected twists and turns as Bryan and Mike navigate the sometimes bizarre world of crime on the Citizen app. Whether you're a true crime buff or just looking for a good laugh, "They Did What?!" is sure to be a hit! Follow the hosts on social media: @iambryanmckenna @_miketoohey read less