Feeling Worthy of Success

The Gratitude Coach

02-03-2023 • 9 mins

Many of us have lost our ability to believe we are worthy of good things.

In the end, we’re only going to be as successful, as loved or as happy as we believe we can be.

In essence, we have lost our hope and our expectation.

Life has a way of beating us down sometimes and it is hard to keep the positive momentum going when we are so used to struggling.

It is easy to convince ourselves to expect nothing. They say that you get out of something only what you put into it, so what is the message you are sending yourself if you have no expectations?

It’s so much more than the Law of Attraction. It’s also about the Art of Allowing. It’s about busting through those unconscious limitations that hold us back and pulling in unexpected blessings.

Allowing simply means to have faith that what you desire is on its way.

It is not always necessary to push so hard. Many of us are so busy working and struggling that we forget what it is like to really live. We forget why we are on this journey.

When you begin to focus on positive things, you learn how to tune into the joy of each and every moment.

We have to learn how to let go of those things that no longer serve us.

All you can change in the end is yourself and your perceptions. You can choose to be happy and you can choose to focus on the positive. Using these natural laws, you can learn how to swim with the tide instead of always fighting against it.

Ask yourself how you define success? Do you feel worthy of success? Do you feel worthy of good things in life? If not, why?

How can you start to trust that the universe supports you? What would it take to start flowing through life instead of swimming against the tide?

In the end, were only going to be as successful, as loved or as happy as we believe we can be.

It’s time to start expecting more.

Intention for Going from Unconscious Limitations to Unexpected Blessings

Dear universe, It is my intention to release any and all unconscious beliefs or limitations I have inadvertently placed upon myself. I bless the energy of unexpected blessings! I know with absolute faith that unexpected blessings are already coming my way. The universe is opening up multiple doors of opportunity right now! I am already lined up to meet the right people, at the right time, in the right circumstances for these unexpected blessings to pour forth. I am so grateful that life can continually surprise me when I least expect it! What an honor and blessing that truly is. I have a divine appointment with the energy of unexpected blessings, and I celebrate that! Circumstances are already coming together in my favor, no matter what anyone else may do! Thank you!

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