The Law of Harmonious Attraction and Being Young At Heart

The Gratitude Coach

02-03-2023 • 11 mins

Do you feel like you are young at heart?

When you get back that childhood enthusiasm, you can get excited about your life again. You can live your life as if your greatest moments still lie ahead.

You can live your life as if the best is yet to come.

In order to raise your expectations, you have to learn how to get out of your own way.

You were born fully equipped with everything you need to fulfill your dreams.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you are not more successful? We all have a million reasons or excuses as to why things are like they are.

Life can be very challenging, and the Universe often tests us at every turn.

What are the reasons you tell yourself why you aren’t more successful?

In order to manifest change in your life you must be willing to do something different, or better yet you must be willing to do SOMETHING!

When you learn how to raise your expectations and get really clear about what you want, everything and everyone conspires to support you.

When you align with your intentions, you have a much better chance of success.

There is no mystery to achieving success – it is available and accessible to everyone.

When you begin to understand the Universal Law of Expectation and the Law of Harmonious Attraction, you can begin to live in accordance with your own divine destiny.

The Law of Harmonious Attraction

We all possess within us the power to unfold and develop, to the greatest perfection, every state of consciousness; in fact, most of mankind manifest them all in some degree. We have persons who are over-developed in some one of these different states and underdeveloped in the others; these find it difficult to express rationally or understand anything which is not directly related to or connected with their own particular state of consciousness or unfoldment.

Ask yourself what you are expecting out of your life. Do you expect to fail, or do you expect to succeed? Be honest with yourself and spend some time thinking about why you don’t expect more.

Intention for Being young at heart

Dear Universe, I bless my ability to be young at heart and my ability to live my life with a sense of playfulness, eagerness, and humor. May I live each day with a sense of compassion and forgiveness not worrying about the days that have passed or the things I cannot change. Each day is yet another wonderful opportunity to start fresh. I am never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. My attitude towards life defines my age. Today and every day I strive to embrace what life has to offer and to put worry and fear away. I can feel good about my life whether I am 18 or 80! My curiosity, and my ability to laugh at myself are my greatest strengths, no matter what age I am! I bless myself today for the beautiful, passionate, loving, and caring person I am and for that I am grateful.

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