Success is NOT a Four Letter Word! Aligning with New Opportunities

The Gratitude Coach

22-02-2023 • 10 mins

Success is NOT a Four Letter Word!

It’s much better to align with new opportunities rather than try and look for something like a job.

If you find yourself “looking for a job”, try shifting your focus and asking to be aligned with the perfect opportunity that suits YOU!

Every day we step into a new reality in which we begin to effortlessly manifest whatever we want, need, or desire. Each of us has all the tools we need to live our lives with passion and purpose.

When we align with the ability to take inspired action, we begin to consciously control instead of randomly creating. We begin to create results with each thought, desire, and action we take.

I’d like to challenge you today to STOP looking for a job if you are seeking one. Start aligning with the friendly universe you live in instead!

Intention to Attract Multiple Opportunities

Dear universe, I bless my ability to attract and welcome in a multitude of job offers and wonderful opportunities perfectly aligned with my skills, talents, and abilities. I bless all the big, bold opportunities already coming my way! I bless my ability to do wonderful work, in a wonderful way with wonderful people for wonderful pay. I bless everything I am going through with love and expectation. I bless all the struggles I have been through. I bless my process and my ability to live harmoniously with the world around me. I am relaxing into greater and greater levels of wealth, abundance, prosperity, and success. From now on I expect the best. I know I am always being led to exactly where I need to be. I bless my ability to let go of anything that no longer serves my highest and best good. I know I am worthy of success, and I am set up for massive success in whatever path I choose. Opportunities are everywhere and I choose to see them. I am worthy of everything good. I bless and welcome in these new offers and opportunities. I am grateful for this expanded vision and this step into a brave new future!

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