The Hair, The Beard & The Bald

Big Steve, Craig Sutherland & Fred Higson

A movies-based podcast. Bringing you the "best" films available to stream...loser does a forfeit!!!!

The Play-off: The "Best" Movie Under/Around/Approx 90 Minutes!Episode 7: The "Results" EpisodeEpisode 6: The "Best" Movie Based on a Book!Episode 5: The "Best" Movie Score!Episode 4: The "Best" 90's Action MovieQuick Announcement!Episode 3: The "Best" Christmas Film....Again!Episode 2: The "Best" Feel-good MovieEpisode 1: The "Best" War MovieWho is doing the season two forfeit?Episode 6: The "Best" Visual FX MovieEpisode 5: The 'Best' Teen MovieEpisode 4 - The "Best" Foreign FilmEpisode 3 - The "Best" Female Lead FilmEpisode 2 - The "Best" True Story Movie!Episode 1 - The "Best" American Rom-ComWho is doing the season one forfeit?Episode 10: The "Best" Movie Soundtrack!Episode 9: The "Best" Animated Movie!Episode 8: The "Best" Matthew McConaughey Film!