The Black Books Show Podcast Episode 61 - Elaine Kelliher

The International Book Show Podcast

09-12-2023 • 18 mins

The Black Books Show is hosted by Makonnen Sankofa. This episode features an interview with Elaine Kelliher, who is the author of the book called "Do You Think I Cried Too Long?".

In my fictionalized memoir, "Do You Think I Cried Too Long?", Elaine Kelliher writes about a young girl, Lily, who stumbles upon her dying mother, Ellen, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the abdomen. In her quest to make sense of her mother-less world, Lily learns that motherly-love, though hard to come by, can be found in many places.

Lily's gypsy grandmother, Pet, struggles, unsuccessfully, to erase the pain of losing her precious daughter. Orville, Ellen’s jealous-hearted husband, is a complicated character. He truly loved Ellen but is tormented by his inability to remember what actually happened on that isolated farmhouse.

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