Balancing Act: A Chat with Tom Kosnik on Fatherhood and Leadership

The Quarterback DadCast

14-09-2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

When we think about leadership, we often forget about the most critical leadership role there is - parenthood.  Our latest guest, Tom Kosnik, the president of the Visus Group, shares his personal journey of balancing fatherhood and leadership while raising three successful adult children with his wonderful wife. Tom reveals the values and principles he instilled in his children and how they have shaped their lives and individual achievements. His personal experiences of raising a child with Down Syndrome and autism provide a unique perspective on resilience and compassion.

Tom's wisdom isn't confined to being an excellent father. He carries over these valuable lessons from his family into his business. He emphasizes the importance of honoring one's word, a lesson he learned from his family and has since ingrained in his children and his business. His experience with parenting classes, a life-changing book, and a biofeedback specialist gave him the tools to better understand and support his son with a disability.

Our conversation with Tom also enlightens us on the "rule of you." It's a practice followed by his family, where they set individual objectives, principles, and affirmations for the year. As our chat wraps up, we indulge in a fun lightning-round game that adds a touch of humor to our enlightening talk. If you're intrigued about fatherhood, leadership, and personal growth, you won't want to miss our heartwarming chat with Tom Kosnik.

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