This Week In Japan

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Need a weekly round-up of the top news stories coming out of Japan? Look no further. Tokyo-based, British content-creator Julian and Japanese entrepreneur Yasu, are here to dive into the hot topics of the week. Recorded in Tokyo, 'This Week in Japan' is the perfect blend of current news, cultural insight, and in-depth discussions all woven through a friendly conversation between the two hosts. Stay up-to-date with the flow of stories streaming out of Japan, no matter where you are. You can also find us on our Japan Go! YouTube Channel at: [Japanese Explanation] 毎週、日本で今話題のニュースについて、東京在住のイギリス人クリエイターJulianと日本人起業家Yasuが英語で意見を交わしています。楽しく話題のニュースを振り返りながら、英語のリスニングがしたい方へ! read less