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Billy Hildebrand (KFXN)

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Our Editor's Take

FAN Outdoors is a podcast for Minnesota-based sporting enthusiasts. The main host of the show is Billy "The Captain" Hildebrand. A rotating cast of cohosts brings their expertise to each week's topic.

Minnesotans don't let the chilly outdoors keep them inside. It's one of the best places to go hunting and fishing. The Captain and his crew are there to keep listeners informed on the latest outdoor pursuits. When ruffed grouse season begins, cohost Bob St Pierre travels to Canada's border to report on conditions. The Captain gives the forecast for the opener of duck season. Tackle Terry has fishing tips for various bodies of water in the state. Denny Fletcher has a guide on the podcast for which bait to choose.

Cohosts of FAN Outdoors also like to swap stories. The Captain and Tommy George explain how they learned to recognize a fish by its bite. Tommy talks about the time the dog put the truck in drive and drove into a farmer's soybean field. Listeners might enjoy episodes where Stan Tekiela cohosts. As the resident naturalist, he loves to share what he knows about the natural environment in Minnesota. He has stories of black and brown bears, birds, and insects. Stan's expertise increases listeners' appreciation for the beautiful outdoors.

For people who like to hunt with dogs, Tina and Tom Dokken's visits are a treat. The couple specializes in training hunting dogs, and they have plenty of tips. They advise podcast listeners on the best breeds for hunting as well as training tips.

In the summer, The Captain records the podcast from the cabin. He begins these episodes by describing the deep sense of quiet and calm in the early mornings. Listening to him talk about the hummingbirds feeding is an almost meditative experience.

There may be nothing better than being out there with a line in the water or hunting for game. During the off-season, listening to FAN Outdoors can be a close second. The Captain's and his cohosts' appreciation for their environment permeates every episode. Listening to the podcast can be a relaxing and contemplative experience.

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