on Royalty with Hugo Vickers

Bloody Violent History

24-10-2023 • 53 mins

1.  Royalty v Republic  2.  The 'Crown' tv show  3.  Princess Alice, the Duke of Edinburgh's mother  4.  Mad, bad and bonkers  5. Modernisation of the Royal Family.  6. Conclusion

Tom talks with the UK's pre-eminent expert on royalty, Hugo Vickers.  He has written many biographies of 20th century figures, including Cecil Beaton, Vivien Leigh, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Andrew of Greece, and the Queen Mother.  His book, The Quest for Queen Mary, sold 40,000 copies in various forms.  He has attacked the fifty episodes of the Netflix series of The Crown – in his book, The Crown Dissected (2019), all of which are available as an e-book.

So It Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson


Hugo Vickers

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