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The Optimist's Edge: Thriving in Work and Life
The Optimist's Edge: Thriving in Work and Life
In this episode, we dive deep into the world of optimism and its profound impact on our professional lives. We explore the Three Ps of Optimism - Personalisation, Permanence, and Pervasiveness - and how they shape our mindset, influence our approach to challenges, and pave the way for success and wellbeing at work.Personalisation, the first P, teaches us to avoid excessive self-blame when faced with setbacks. We provide practical tips on self-awareness, self-compassion, seeking feedback, and focusing on our strengths to cultivate optimism.Permanence, the second P, encourages us to see difficulties as temporary roadblocks rather than permanent failures. Discover how adopting a growth mindset, celebrating small wins, and setting realistic expectations can help maintain a positive outlook.Pervasiveness, the third P, warns against letting negativity spill over into other areas of our lives. We offer insights on compartmentalisation, building support networks, creating work-life balance, practising self-care, and fostering a positive work environment.By embracing the Three Ps of Optimism and following the practical advice shared in this episode, you'll learn how to navigate challenges with resilience, inspire those around you, and create a fulfilling and rewarding career.Did you know you can measure your optimism? We discuss how you can find your optimism level compared to others globally and even partner with a Resilience Development Co. Coach to enhance your resilience, productivity, and overall wellbeing.Join us on this journey to a more optimistic and successful professional life. Tune in now!Read the accompanying blog here:✋🏼 LET’S BE FRIENDSTwitter Instagram LinkedIn🧠 SIGN UP - monthly newsletter