Why do people say no to working with you?

Reframing Marketing

20-03-2024 • 5 mins

In marketing, rejection can be hard to take.

We’ve all had a no, when we were expecting a yes.

Perhaps you had a great conversation, and it was all pointing towards someone saying yes to working with you.

Maybe you spent ages on a proposal. It was really well received, only to be met with a no in the end.

Maybe a referral seemed a good fit and really keen to work with you, but ultimately it didn’t pan out.

One of the reasons for these ‘no’s might be your marketing.

In marketing, it’s all too easy to focus on attracting and connecting with new people and showing them how great your offer is. After all, this is the fun, sexy part that gets you that dopamine rush.

But marketing is also about helping people make well-informed decisions based on whether your offer is right for them.

So, how can your marketing help more of the right people say yes?

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