1: Who Robs a Banksy?

Your Next Podcast

26-07-2023 • 32 mins

Lauren Layfield introduces Who Robs A Banksy on the first episode of the new podcast recommendation podcast - Your Next Podcast.

There aren’t many people who can say that they’ve had a Banksy statue in their back garden, but Andy Link is one of them. In 2004, he kidnapped one of Banksy’s pieces of art in broad daylight from the middle of central London, and held it to ransom. The fact that someone would kidnap a Banksy statue is pretty absurd already, but the story of why it happened, how the statue vanished again after it was kidnapped, and how it was mysteriously put up for auction over ten years later is even wilder. It all comes down to one man, and a two decade long vendetta.

The story will take us on a journey through UK’s most subversive sub-cultures: from art heists and art terrorists, to 80s football hooliganism, the 90s illegal rave scene, even fetish parties. While all the while, we try to track down one of the most elusive anonymous artists in the world. All to discover… Who Robs a Banksy?

Who Robs A Banksy was produced by Podimo & Message Heard
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