14: Effin' Hormones

Your Next Podcast

26-10-2023 • 1 hr 4 mins

Lauren Layfield introduces Effin' Hormones on the podcast recommendation podcast - Your Next Podcast.

Struggling with your Effin Hormones? Then join Emma Goswell; Helen Brown, Beena Khetani and Terri Sweeney as they navigate their way through the perimenopause (and menopause too!)

They're four mates who got to their 40s and asked, "Why the heck do I feel this way - and why the HECK did no-one TELL me me about this?!" It's time to talk as though there are no taboos - and have as much of a laugh as possible in this perimenopause podcast, given all the crap that can happen at this time of life.
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