Revisit: The Experience Economy | With Scott Regan - Part 1

Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP

13-03-2024 • 29 mins

We're revisiting some of our earlier episodes because the patient experience remains a hot topic in healthcare, with many experts calling for a greater emphasis on patient-centered care.

In this episode, after the headlines with Aaron Higgins & Jason Crosby, our guest Scott Regan provides insights on the experience economy and its impact on healthcare are especially relevant in this context. As the industry continues to evolve, it's crucial to explore innovative approaches that prioritize the patient experience. In this interview, Scott offers valuable perspectives and strategies for healthcare leaders looking to improve the patient experience. We hope this episode inspires our listeners to think creatively about how to enhance the quality of care they provide.

Learn more about LeadWorks on their website

Scott Regan can be found on LinkedIn.

Transcript available on our website

Production Assistance & Editing: Nyla Wiebe
Scripting by: Aaron Higgins
Show Notes: Aaron Higgins
Transcripts: Jason Crosby
Social Media Management: Jeremy Miller & Nyla Wiebe
Co-Hosts: Aaron Higgins & Jason Crosby
Show Producers: Mike Scribner & John Crew
Guest host: Mike Scribner

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