Navigating CMS Quality Payment Program Changes: Mastering 2024 Modification with Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins - Part 1

Beyond the Stethoscope: Vital Conversations with SHP

05-12-2023 • 22 mins

Are you ready to master the CMS Quality Payment Program changes for 2024? Buckle up as we, your co-hosts Jason Crosby and Aaron Higgins, equip you with the necessary knowledge to navigate these changes. We unpack the crucial amendments, including participation in traditional MIPS, alternative payment models, and the MIPS value pathways. We also delve into the changes that didn't make the cut, and provide an in-depth understanding of the performance expectations for the four categories of QPP: quality, cost, improvement activities, and promoting interoperability.

As the conversation continues, we shed light on the adjustments to the Promoting Interoperability category for the 2024 reporting period and introduce you to the MIPS Value Pathways Program (MVP).  We also discuss how MVP will be influencing traditional MIPS participation. Gain insights on how these changes can be strategically navigated for an optimal performance and a reduced administrative burden.

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