Daily Mental fit bit with Aditi Surana

APT mental gym

Welcome to ‘Daily mental fit bit’. A podcast for a smart professional like you to find simple, practical, effective tools to be mentally fit. Do you wonder if it is possible to be highly successful without being mentally burnt out? Spend just three minutes a day to build your own toolbox of mental hacks. Like a workout and diet plan for your body, you will learn a mental workout and emotional diet for your mind. Host Aditi Surana is a high-performance coach & the founder of India’s only mental gym called APT. After working with more than 20000 people in the last 18 years, she has mastered a knack to make you pause, reflect and change the way you look at your challenges. Discover a step by step method to deal with your lingering stress, high functioning anxiety & overactive active restless mind. Subscribe to ‘Daily mental fit bit’ now so you never miss a new episode! Visit www.APTmentalgym.com

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