The Devastating Consequences of Suppressing Grief

The Healing List Podcast

12-11-2022 • 50 mins

Within the span of one year in her early 20s, Tui Sina Sosefina lost her brother, formed a relationship, married, gave birth, studied for a master’s degree and took an internship in the finance industry. Balancing loss, marriage, motherhood, studies and work was, naturally, incredibly challenging.
Sosefina’s hard work during this time paid off. She secured a job at Goldman Sachs. But then tragedy struck. Her husband died suddenly at home. In the following years, instead of processing the grief of losing her husband and brother within a short span of time, she did all that she could to suppress her emotions.
Eventually, these emotions came to the fore. She had a major breakdown in a department store, which resulted in her arrest. Following this, she quit her job, drank heavily and descended into a deep depression. Soon, Sosefina had to put her daughter in her sister’s care. At this low ebb, she realized that she had to do something to heal. For the first time ever, she started seeing a therapist and began the difficult process of coming to terms with her issues. In this episode, Sosefina discusses her loss and her path to wellness in an honest and unshrinking manner.

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