S2E22 The Currency of Love

The Healing List Podcast

21-12-2021 • 1 hr 8 mins

Lifelong best friends Rony Byas and Harvey Leon have managed to build a highly successful fashion company, aptly named Byas & Leon, that is sustainable and ethical. It does this by paying Haitian craftsfolk to create clothing for the US market. It also stocks a range of other ethical black-owned brands alongside this commissioned clothing. In addition to this, they’re creating a cultural hub in Brooklyn, by supporting a number of artists and hosting a range of events.

Byas and Leon spend this podcast explaining how they’re actively combating the inequalities that exist within the fashion industry, how we can all become more environmentally conscious, how they've built a community out of their brand, how people of other races can become better allies of black people and more.

Anyone interested in ethical business can learn from these two entrepreneurs. Not only have they built an incredible company, but they’ve also expanded it throughout the pandemic. Listening to their enthusiasm for what they’ve grown really makes it clear why this is the case. They put their hearts and souls into their brand, and it’s paying off. Aspiring entrepreneurs, take note!

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