From Golfing Pro to Hawaii's Most Wanted

The Healing List Podcast

12-11-2022 • 59 mins

As a child, Kyle Quilausing was a golfing prodigy who played against Tiger Woods. He seemed to be set for greatness. But by the age of 29, he was Hawaii’s most wanted man. Peer pressure had led to a crystal meth addiction. To pay for his addiction, he committed crime after crime. Eventually, he would end up spending a whole decade behind bars.
After spending years in solitary confinement and facing harsh conditions, he realized that he had to make something of his life. When his sentence was over, he remained true to his word. But he also realized that others could benefit from what he had been through.
In the following years, Quilausing visited hundreds of schools, explaining the events that led him astray. Today, he still talks to children on a regular basis, warning them of the dangers of drug addiction. Quilausing’s unflinching descriptions of his addiction and his prison years are often shocking. But his redemption is also inspiring. The story must be heard to be believed.