154- Public Relations: Learning the Basics of PR 3/3

Nata PR School (EN)

09-08-2023 • 12 mins

If I have yet to convince you in the previous episodes that learning the basics of PR will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors, this new episode should persuade you.

Some of our clients may think, just like you, that public relations are only meant for those who want to attract the attention of traditional media such as newspapers, print magazines, television, and radio, which are supposedly becoming obsolete. However, this idea is completely wrong, and I am here to prove otherwise.

You might believe that visibility in the media is outdated, and the only future path is online advertising and influencers. Well, let me tell you, dear friends, that these ideas are far from reality.

At NATA PR agency, we meet new clients every month seeking solutions to increase their visibility and sales. Recently, all our clients have noticed a decline in online sales and the ineffectiveness of their Facebook ads. Furthermore, they have realized that many potential customers simply do not know about them.

Indeed, advertising and social media are valuable tools, but with the proliferation of platforms and the massive amount of information being disseminated, a significant portion of your potential clientele is not where you might think.

Some of your customers still listen to the radio in their cars, read the local newspaper, and continue to watch television, perhaps on their computers, but still accessible.

Public relations are the best organic part of a good marketing plan.

And only PR will grant you credibility and make you known to many potential clients.

When an intermediary such as a journalist or an influencer talks about you without you having to pay them (what digital marketing specialists call "organic" or, for those unfamiliar with the term, means "without monetary exchange"), you gain credibility and enhance the trust of your consumers.

Recently, a company shared their experience with paid collaborations with influencers, which cost them a lot without bringing significant results. However, they continue receiving customers who refer to a television interview over two years ago.

Please, understand me; I am not saying you shouldn't work with influencers. On the contrary, it's essential to strike a balance and choose the right influencers, taking the time to test the interests of their community before committing to a costly contract that could disappoint you.

Indeed, Generation Z uses TikTok, and if you want to reach this audience, you should be present on this platform. However, how do you reach customers aged 30, 40, 50, and older, who have purchasing power and would buy your products if they knew about them? How do you reach them if your entire budget is allocated to TikTok and influencers?

Public relations are not THE only solution, but they are a cost-effective tool that brings results, and they should be part of your marketing toolkit, especially at the beginning when you launch your product or service.

Our clients sell online and swear by articles in magazines, major newspapers, and television. They benefit from visibility in print and online through significant media websites and social media. Journalists specializing in their industry bring them strong credibility and confidence in their products and services.

Your potential customers are not all impulsive buyers. Many consult multiple sources before investing in a car or beauty product.

An article in a local newspaper has more impact on them.

Learning the basics of PR is simple. I offer to guide you for a clearer understanding, and I promise that by dedicating less than 2 hours a week, you will achieve astonishing results.






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