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Georgie Styles

Investigative audio journalist, Georgie Styles, digs into the untold and unpopular stories of food on the frontlines.

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The Landworkers Alliance, along with the help of Georgie Styles and Frontline Foodcast bring you our COP podcasts.  These podcasts look at how food sovereignty and agroecology offer key solutions to the climate crisis and contribute importantly to the wider climate justice movement.Mobilise! is the first of our podcasts and starts by looking at how farmers, growers, foresters and landworkers come together to bring solutions to the climate crisis from the grassroots.  Dee Butterly, from Southern Roots Organics and Landworkers' Alliance Programmes and Engagement Coordinator, speaks with Jesús Vázquez from Organizacion Boricua in Puerto Rico.  Together they share how farmers are experiencing climate change in their regions, how they organise collectively to work in solidarity to respond to extreme weather events and support resilient agroecological farming and land use systems that positively address climate and biodiversity crises.  And, importantly, they share how groups they're organising with mobilise politically to resist corporate systems that undermine the lives and livelihoods of their members.  Mobilise! is a call to action ahead of COP26.  It is an invitation and a welcoming to anyone who wants to help strengthen our articulation of food sovereignty, agroecology and climate justice at COP26.  To find out more about how you can get involved please visit https://landworkersalliance.org.uk/cop26/It is the first in our podcast series, with more coming forward on seed sovereignty, distinguishing between intensive factory farmed animal agriculture and animal agriculture in the context of agroecology, and much much more.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/frontlinefoodcast)
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Seed Sovereignty! COP26 Series
In the Landworkers' Alliance second COP podcast we explore how Seed Sovereignty plays a vital role in the climate justice movement in conversation with Katie Hastings, a Landworkers Alliance member and also working on the Gaia Foundations Seed Sovereignty Programme, and Cidi Otieno from the Kenyan Peasants' LeagueEarlier this month the UK government’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs unveiled plans to deregulate gene editing techniques in the UK, claiming that deregulation & free market approaches to genetic engineering will help to protect our environment and tackle climate change.  We don’t agree, along with the majority of the public who responded to the consultation on GMOs earlier this year.  The majority of respondents recognised the risks that GMOs present to our health, our ecology and the rights and livelihoods of agroecological farmers both here in the UK and internationally.  And yet the government ploughs on.  And with Unilever as one of the official sponsors of COP … it won’t be a surprise if GMOs get strongly pushed on the COP agenda as a solution to the climate crisis.  This is not a true solution.  In this podcast we’ll focus on Seed Sovereignty and why this is a vital component of the food sovereignty and climate justice movement, helping to build ecological, social and cultural resilience in the face of the climate crisis.  Find out more and join in at the UK Seed Sovereignty Gathering on 23rd October and at our Seed Sovereignty workshop during the COP26 Peoples' Summit gathering in GlasgowSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/frontlinefoodcast)
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