Assembly Point

Fire Protection Association

The Fire Protection Association is the UK's national fire safety organisation and works to identify the dangers of fire and help our clients reduce any fire-related risks. Now in its second series, our monthly podcast launched in February 2021 to provide a collective space in which industry leaders can explore the most pressing issues in fire safety and share expert information and advice. Following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the conversation around fire safety in the UK has gathered pace. Despite this, however, more still needs to be done to ensure that the tragic consequences of Grenfell and many other major fires are not repeated. Featuring leading experts from across the sector and hosted alternately by the FPA’s respected fire safety professionals, Assembly Point has a growing audience of 600+ listeners and aims to move the debate on fire safety forwards by identifying new ways to work together to improve standards.

Will resilience ever be fully embedded if not mandated?Vulnerable RisksCompetency at every stage of design and construction75 years in fire safety: What has changed?Protecting our most vulnerableThe Building Safety Bill: What does it mean for fire safety?Building competency as a building safety managerIs the current regulation change over sprinklers ignoring a much bigger problem?What will it take to end the legacy of neglect?Building a solid foundation in fire safetyWhat About Asset Protection?Know Your BuildingFire Safety Reform - What's Next?Coming soon… the FPA’s Assembly Point podcast