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060: The Notebooks are Full
060: The Notebooks are Full
Matthew’s red speedo moment is coming up and Anders is nervous about falling off boats in this new Youthcast installment, but more importantly, you’re finally getting our hot takes on all things Eurovision! Who is the most iconic contestant according to these two? Listen to find out the unanimous answer. Also in this episode: dealing with ideas, planning time in the sun, and a little bit of conspiracy theorizing. And we have questions! - How many countries and states can YOU name on a map?   - Can you get any gayer than Abba in concert? (Probably not)  - Should we all have personal project managers? Remember: if it doesn’t have semi-nude male dancers in the background, it’s not Eurovision. Support the London LGBTQ+ Community Centre at https://londonlgbtqcentre.org/ You can be part of the House of HOPECAST by following us on all the socials @HOPECASTPODCAST and visiting our website at hopecastpodcast.com If you like what we do, please rate and review us. Anything less than five stars is homophobic. DO IT! Follow the HOPECAST Hosts on Instagram: Paul @DrPaulTaylorPitt Yassir @Untangle_The_Tangle Anders @anderscreative Oliver @amarisvitae Nick @evolving_minds_uk Matthew @EllaVeryde Our artwork is by soon-to-be-vacationing @anderscreative HOPECAST is the queer podcast for everyone, brought to you by the Homos Of Planet Earth. We talk about issues of spirituality, sexuality, wellness and queerness. This episode uploaded right before a spa visit. Treat yourself!