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All you want to know about Ballooning, Stenting or Angioplasty ?
All you want to know about Ballooning, Stenting or Angioplasty ?
In this episode, I would try to answer all your questions related to stenting or angioplasty. For your convenience, I have time-stamped, the questions. You can directly go to the relevant question referring to the time. 00:00:14 Introduction 00:02:48 Can my blockages be opened with medicines, As I do not want stenting? 00:04:24 Some doctors are advising me stents, some are advising me bypass surgery, I am confused. What is the best treatment for me? 00:06:30 I am afraid of unnecessary stents being put after an angiography, Even if they are not required? 00:07:43 So how should I come to a conclusion about the best option for me? 00:10:05 Is there a difference between Ballooning, Angioplasty, or stenting? 00:10:05 What exactly is Angioplasty? 00:12:44 What are Stents How do they look? 00:13:04 What are these Stents Made up of? 00:14:45 Are there different types of stents available? 00:15:53 What are Dissolving Stents? 00:18:02 I am going to the hospital for my angioplasty, what should I expect there? 00:19:10 Where is Angioplasty done? 00:19:30 How is Angioplasty/Stenting done actually? 00:21:47 How much time does Angioplasty take? 00:22:15 Will it be painful? 00:22:47 Will there be any cuts during the angioplasty? 00:23:00 Will I be given a General Anaesthesia? 00:23:47 Which is better? A Wrist approach or a Groin approach? 00:24:22 Will there be any bleeding during Stenting? 00:24:40 Are there any Complications of Stenting? 00:26:13 Can the Stents get blocked again? 00:26:40 How to choose a stent? Imported or Indian? 00:27:36 How long I would be admitted in the hospital for stenting? 00:28:13 How Long Does a Stent last? 00:28:50 How to prevent blockages in the stents? 00:29:26 I have got a previous stent, Can I get another Stent in future? 00:29:58 How would I feel after an Angioplasty? 00:31:40 Once back home, after angioplasty, what are the precautions, should I should be taking? 00:32:10 When Can I return to work after the angioplasty? 00:32:34 I have recently got a stent, still, I am having chest pain? 00:32:58 When Can I Start Driving after an Angioplasty? 00:33:12 When Can I take a Flight? 00:33:24 How much does the stenting cost? 00:34:17 Why the cost of stenting so much, when the cost of stents have been fixed by the Indian Government? 00:35:25 What are the Don'ts after an angioplasty? 00:35:44 Can I take Alcohol after an Angioplasty? 00:36:01 Is Bypass Surgery better or Stenting? 00:38:13 After Angioplasty, when should I see my cardiologist next? 00:38:37 Why am I being prescribed medicines? Even after the stenting! 00:39:28 How long these medicines would be continued after the stenting? 00:39:56 How would I come to know, whether my stents are working properly? --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/dr-nishith-chandra/message