Podcast WaveTalks -Episode -2 / Story of Two Brothers / Comex Gold & USDINR

WaveTalks- Can you hear it!

09-04-2023 • 8 mins

Once upon a time, in a small town, there were two brothers named Jack and Sam. Jack was the elder brother, and Sam was the younger. They both lived together with their parents, who were farmers. Jack was hardworking, smart, and kind, while Sam was playful, lazy, and mischievous. Despite their differences, the brothers were very close and did everything together.

One day, their father passed away, leaving them with a huge responsibility of taking care of their mother and the farm. Jack took the responsibility of running the farm, while Sam continued with his playful and lazy ways. Jack worked day and night to keep the farm running and make ends meet, while Sam would go out and enjoy himself with his friends.

As time passed, Jack grew more and more frustrated with Sam's behavior, and they started to argue frequently. One day, Jack had enough and decided to leave the farm and start a new life on his own. He left the town and never returned.

Years went by, and Jack became successful and wealthy, but he never forgot his family. One day, he received news that his mother was sick and needed help. Without hesitation, Jack returned to the town and went straight to the farm. He was surprised to see that Sam had taken over the farm and had done an excellent job of running it. Sam had learned the value of hard work and responsibility and had changed his ways.

The brothers reunited and reconciled, realizing that their love for each other was more important than any argument they had. They continued to run the farm together, and their mother recovered.

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