The Disagreement Dance

The Industry of Trust

20-04-2023 • 41 mins

In this episode, we continue our book tour of Think Again by Adam Grant. We are on Chapter 5 - Dances with Foes. We discuss our personal experiences with debates, negotiations, and the importance of communication. We delve into the concept of quality over quantity in conversations and the significance of adapting to one's counterpart. The episode also touches upon the various ways people deal with conflict and the importance of creating authentic connections.

- Focus on quality over quantity in communication; present only top points to avoid overwhelming others.

- Avoid being a "logic bully"; consider the human aspect of conversations.

- Embrace the dance analogy; adapt and collaborate in communication.

- Learn from skilled communicators to improve personal conversation abilities.

- Understand and find agreement in the other person's argument for effective communication.

- Combine relationship building and questioning for a positive negotiation environment.

- Prevent attack-defend spirals and stay open to others' ideas and data.

- Ask questions and find common ground for productive conversations and better outcomes.

- Skilled negotiators emphasize common ground and questioning.

- Align values and opinions for consensus; practice confident humility for nuanced discussions.

- Expert witnesses with moderate confidence are more credible.

- Negotiation skills impact personal and professional relationships.

- Encourage collaboration by inviting counterparts to share their perspectives.

- Be flexible in negotiations, as compromise is often possible.

- View negotiations as a dance, working together towards a common goal.