#022 - Returning to Work

The Industry of Trust

25-08-2021 • 32 mins

In 2019, business was moving forward at a rapid pace while we all were collectively working on-site, in the office, five days per week. Just like the decades before.

In 2020, within the span of around 5 days we all were working 100% remote and have mostly been for the past 15 months.

Now, we're talking about figuring out how to collectively come back to work at scale without the global catalyst that enabled the original shift in the first place making it impossible to collectively shift as quickly as before.

How do we lead our organizations through the long-journey towards some sort of hybrid work model that looks differently across every organization? How do we remain flexible without overcommitting and forcing ourselves to backtrack based on current events?

If I want to work from home more than the average of my peer group, will my career slow down?

Listen to find out.

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