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A scientist's view on alternative and cutting edge approaches to modern lifestyle and chronic disorders. Unpacking the mind body connection and sharing motivational conversations with alternative practitioners, scientific experts, physicians and inspirational individuals to empower you to live healthy for longer. Disclaimer: The information provided in the following podcasts is provided as educational content only and does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with your registered health care practitioner if you wish to implement any changes in your current method of treatment and under no circumstances should you stop taking any prescription medication without medical supervision.

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Floatation Therapy with Ed Hawley
Floatation Therapy with Ed HawleyHigh Performance Health is also for Women with Angela FosterMedicinal Mushrooms with Martin PowellA Mindful Art Experience with Zena el FarraMusic for Transformation with Barry GoldsteinChefs in Schools with Nicole Pisani
Any conversation about health has to start with childhood. Food choices and nutritional habits formed in childhood dictate our relationship with food. The UK has a school meal programme for children that has come under scrutiny in the past.Nicole Pisani was a former head chef of a leading London restaurant. She gave up that role to engage in helping future generations of children eat well and develop healthy food habits. She co-founded the charity, 'Chefs in Schools' to inspire change in school food by freely sharing knowledge of what works well, both in kitchens and classrooms, to schools across the country. A central part of the model is also providing education and hands on experience for the children. This encompasses growing, harvesting, preparing and eating food as a holistic approach.With the motto, 'Better is Possible' Chefs in Schools provides various models from training existing teams to installing head chefs and whole school transformations. Children and their parents/guardians are involved in an ongoing conversation and shared experiences with food. Education is key and school curricula include cooking lessons and learning about food and nutrition.The Chefs in Schools model is currently in 20 schools in London. The aim is to extend the model beyond London and one day have every school in the UK providing education and great healthy food for our children. The charity provides a charter that anyone can download, sign and implement. Chefs in Schools is a great initiative and really worthy of support!For more info go to ChefsinSchools.org.ukBecome a London Heal Insider and receive extended show notes and notifications of new episodes over at LondonHeal.com
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The Wellness Puzzle with Andrew JoblingChildhood Biography to Adult Biology - Trauma with Niki GratrixNews, Soda Ban, Vitamin D and PTSDThe Healing Connection to Earth with Dr Laura Koniver MDYang Sheng, the Chinese Art of Self-Healing with Katie Brindle
If you think that herbs and acupuncture are all that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has to offer, you are very mistaken. The essence of TCM is indeed to 'nourish life' or Yang Sheng. Yang Sheng is the self-care part of TCM and is a self-healing system. The system comprises simple but powerful habits and lifestyle techniques that you can perform yourself. Today's guest, Katie Brindle, calls this gaining 'Mastery over your Health'.Katie is a fully qualified TCM practitioner. She is passionate about bringing the powerful, yet little known, self-healing properties of Yang Sheng to a western audience. She developed a methodology known as the Hayo'u method, which distils this philosophy into easy and enjoyable steps.Her method starts with simple, quick techniques to rescue and restore a stressed body and nervous system back to balance. Part of her method uses a ritual known as Gua Sha. This 'press-stroking' with a jade tool not only restores inner wellbeing, but also leads to radiant, youthful looking skin. Little wonder this has taken the beauty industry by storm!Katie leads us through the layers of TCM to address healing of the mind, body and soul. Viewing herself as a gate keeper to deeper levels of healing, Katie openly shares her knowledge and supports her clients on their way to health, wellness and vitality.For more information go to katiebrindle.comAlso visit the Hayoumethod.com. Follow Katie on Instagram @Hayoumethod and @Katie_Brindle and on Facebook @HayoumethodBecome a London Heal Insider and get exclusive access to extended show notes.
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CBD - Hype or Help with Jade ProudmanMindset, Nutrition and Fitness for an Awesome Life with Ben CoomberWhat a Relief! I have ADHD with Kassandra and TatianaSick and Tired - Fatigue Disorders with Alex Howard
Do you have energy for your day when you get out of bed? Increasing numbers of people are far more tired than they should be. Sadly many of them go on to develop a chronic fatigue disorder like CFS/ME and fibromyalgia. These conditions seriously impact our quality of life and can suck the joy out of living.Alex Howard had a seven year journey with ME. Taking his recovery into his own hands he learned, explored and tried almost everything. He translated all that he had learned into a book and founded the Optimal Health Clinic to address treating fatigue disorders holistically with an integrative approach. Alex shares his wisdom on the current theories and his personal and professional experience on the causes of fatigue disorders. We discuss the relevance of adrenal fatigue in the context of being a symptom rather than a cause. Alex also shares the myriad of factors that determine treatment options. He emphasis is on understanding that the most recent or most likely candidate for the illness is almost always just the last link in a chain of factors. Each of these factors has to be addressed to achieve success in healing.Alex emphasises the importance of understanding that this is a journey. The road can be challenging and arduous at times, but there is much that can be achieved with the right treatment and support, emotionally, physically and psychologically. Most importantly, Alex urges people to never be afraid to ask for help.For more go to The Optimum Health ClinicAlex's free 14 day Meditation Course, vlog, podcast and more at AlexHoward.tvBecome a London Heal Insider for EXCLUSIVE access to Extended Show Notes. Subscribe free of charge at Londonheal.com
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