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This is a podcast from the west coast of Ireland, where we invite interesting people from all walks of life to join us and tell us a little something about their lives. Form genealogists to DJ’s, from theatre makers to Seanchaí, all are welcome into The Shnug. read less
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Season 2 -Taster
Season 2 -Taster
Ahead of the release of season 2 this Monday the 13th of November your favourite podcasters have a little message for you... So our first year went well, we think. 12 episodes, a 4 part mini series and lil bonus episode for the Cruinniú makes 17 in all. But that was just the start, we want MORE... So ahead of the release of Season 2 we'd like to ask you fine people for a bit of a favour, don't worry the show will remain free and will never go behind a pay wall or any of that craic. But obviously we have overheads that need to be taken care of, this coupled with the man hours that go in to each episode from research, scheduling, recording, art and social media, we're talking 10+ hours plus per episode, so it's quite the workload. But most importantly we'd like to GROW, get more equipment, travel further, interview more people and most importantly, we think, become more regular so we can help showcase all the west coast has to offer and that requires investment... So if you'd like to support us, there are two options, both can be found via the links in our bio... 1. Join our Patreon and help us out with a monthly donation. 2. Use the 'Buy me a coffee' option and make a once off donation of your choosing. Obviously if you can't afford either in these trying times please keep listening and if you can give us a share, like, subscribe, rate or comment, all will be greatly appreciated and will help us grow. We'd like to thank everyone that's listened in and helped us along so far. Roll on season 2... Míle Buíochas, le meas Richie & Lavin