Introducing Caitlin's Column

Caitlin's Column

15-06-2023 • 26 mins

Today Caitlin shares the roots and goals of the podcast version of Caitlin’s Column. Her anecdotes include TCU baseball, Greek Life, and Model UN. She connects little routines from her life to bigger-picture industries such as fast fashion. Trigger Warning, human trafficking is briefly mentioned around 13 minutes and touched upon lightly until 20 minutes. Resources are listed below ❤❤

National Human Trafficking Hotline


International Justice Mission

Research Links

Socials/ Get in Contact

Email Inquires



Disclaimer~ I am not an expert in anything mentioned. Simply sharing my thoughts, findings, and opinions. Be sure to do your own research to be fully informed.

Intro and Outro music was created by me on Soundtrap by Spotify.

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