Ursula mabolia – the topic of ‘daddy issues’ #daddyissues

Africa on Focus

16-03-2022 • 57 mins

We’re talking about “Daddy Issues” with Ursula Mabolia (@ursmabolia), philanthropist and author of ‘Grieving Daughters’, a book about emotional and psychological effects of fatherlessness on young women.

As the author highlights the impact of fatherlessness on (young) women, she also speaks on the particular need for the presence of men in the lives of their (future) daughters. As we tap into what it means to be responsible in terms of fatherhood, we explore the impact on our modern societies. The writer also fearlessly shares how reconnecting with her dad’s family helped her heal. Going further into the topics of her book, Ursula helps particularly women pinpoint other related issues like low-self-esteem, isolation and more.