Myx Quest – Serial entrepreneurship is the way forward #YourNetworkIsYourNetworth

Africa on Focus

21-04-2021 • 1 hr 9 mins

Tap into your inner creative side in this special episode featuring guest star Myx Quest. Anything is possible if you try to put your mind to it regardless of how crazy it may seem.

Alongside Ms. ABA and Donny Addison, Quest discusses different business opportunities in Africa and a global level. Quest, a creative entrepreneur is a British-Ghanaian record producer, serial entrepreneur, and property developer. He bridges the gap between working in an African continent and a European continent. Quest, explains how it all starts with an idea, but it takes creativity and consistency to drive a business to sustainability. Quests highlights the importance of building a lasting income. He also emphasizes the necessity for the right networks and connections. In order to make a business successful it is important that one is properly calculated. Connections strengthen a business image, but how your success is measured is how you approach your business truly to your personality. Furthermore, support systems are discussed, believing in yourself, infrastructure and how to stay ahead.

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