25. Proactive Pursuit with Christina, of Lifestyle Paragon

Finance Client Acquisition - Simple Sales Systems for WOC Money Experts

13-09-2023 • 42 mins

I talk with Christina, a Career, Negotiation, and Money coach, who helps fellow Women of Color become free from corporate America.

Christina realized she was the go-to person for her friends and family for career and money advice. She decided to turn her passion into a business, so Lifestyle Paragon was born.

In this episode:

  • The early frustrations Christina faced with her audience not taking action
  • How she creates her content for her ideal audience
  • How she does lead generation now in a way that works best for her

Resources and Links

-Want to work with me? Choose your option from below and book a call: CALENDLY.com/fmcbyro/salescall

-1:1 Sales & Systems Coaching: a VIP 1:1 experience to work 1:1 every week to hit your next 5 figure month with rinse and repeat sales systems

-7 Figure Sales System Mastermind: a high impact six-month group container with access to other WOC industry leaders in finance

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Instagram: @lifestyleparagon

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Instagram: @fmcbyro

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