Dirty Mind

Lauren Marie & Lisa Devine

Calling all cult nerds, true crime fans, psychology junkies, and muddy minds who know there has to be a higher calling for our heads! Once upon a long time ago, Lauren and Lisa met in a super scummy self-help group (cough CULT), lost contact, and then reunited 13 years later. They’ve been reflecting ever since, not just on their own murky mishaps and icky indoctrination, but how ALL of us get caught up in lies, thoughts, and beliefs that stain our psyches, and plague our messy minds. From slimy self-criticism and relationship red flags (we’re looking at you, narcissists), to high control group gunk and everything in between. We're covering it ALL, to spring clean some of this pig sty going on upstairs! Scrub a dub dub…get your head in our tub! read less
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The Poison of Being Pure & Perfect
The Poison of Being Pure & Perfect
It's common to struggle with perfectionist tendencies. We want to be the best parent, student, or person we can be. But some classic cults, oppressive religions, and narcissistic abusers take it way too far and filthy. Impossible standards are presented (that the leaders claim to have achieved), and expect their followers/members/partners to reach these levels of perfection. The victims are sent into an obsessive state of striving to be the most "pure" or "clear" that they can be. Sometimes their entire salvation and worthiness are dangled in front of their faces as a constant reminder of what they will lose if they don't adhere to these mythological standards. Lisa and Lauren call out these dirty tactics, and explain how this unattainable pursuit of perfection is meant to keep you stuck, disempowered, and devoted to dysfunction. Referenced in this podcast, the Trust Me Pod episode Perfectionism & Purity https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/trust-me-cults-extreme-belief-and-manipulation/id1534370789?i=1000610860462 *Podcast content can be triggering. We are not therapists, experts, or cult leaders, so our conversations are not intended to diagnose, convince, coerce, or substitute for medical advice or treatment. Topics vary, and the opinions of guests or the general public do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the hosts. ------ Theme music 'Dystopia' by Neutrin05 is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: http://bit.ly/Neutrin05-Dystopia