Amy Jordan: From Executive At Marvel Studios To Revolutionizing Pilates With The Invention Of The WundaFormer, Surviving Cancer & Creating Movement From The Inside Out

Creating the 4%: Real Life Stories From The Fitness Industry's Top Instructors

28-04-2022 • 1 hr 4 mins


In 2006 during a difficult time in her life, Amy Jordan discovered Pilates and decided to leave a career as an Entertainment Marketing Executive to pursue her new passion. In 2008 she opened her first high energy pilates studio and by 2009 she was using her credit cards to buy the reformers needed to open her second studio with only $217 left in her bank account.

But as her business grew Amy knew the traditional reformer machine was missing essential elements she wanted to incorporate in her classes. Fueled by her continued study of traditional Pilates and the desire to share wellness through movement far and wide, inspiration struck and in 2010, she sketched the now-patented WundaFormer, and envisioned WundaBar Pilates which currently has 10 studio locations in CA, NY and NJ.

In 2017, Amy translated the in-studio experience on the WundaFormer to a repertoire that can be done on the mat, extending the reach and benefits of the WundaBar Pilates Method beyond the studio walls with WundaBar On Demand.

In the middle of the Pandemic, this Pilates visionary and proud mother of two, received devastating news and was diagnosed with a Rare aggressive cervical cancer.

Amy Jordan's guiding belief when it comes to wellness is that You are perfect wherever you are today, and her goal is to empower you to have the best experience in your own skin!

Featured on the today show,, shape magazine, forbes, pop sugar, well + good to name a few, it is an honor to welcome Amy Jordan to creating the 4% podcast on this FINAL EPISODE OF SEASON 1!

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