Christa Dellebovi: Bringing The Climbing Modality To Casual Exercisers & The Intersection Of A Challenging Workout & Accessibility

Creating the 4%: Real Life Stories From The Fitness Industry's Top Instructors

22-12-2022 • 1 hr 9 mins


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She is a Colorado Native who started her career in business with an MBA in Sports and Entertainment Management. Christa Dellebovi worked for the Colorado Rapids Major League Soccer Club for six years.

Spending her days in suits and her early mornings and evenings in leggings teaching fitness, led her to uncover her purpose…. and she traded in her heels for sneakers and never looked back.

Christa is certified to teach various modalities from Heart-Rate Based Training, to Indoor Cycling, Barre, and much more.

This badass instructor, dog lover with 12 years of experience in Fitness, is the driving force behind CLMBR, a revolutionary brand founded in 2019 that uses an ergonomic vertical climbing machine that provides the perfect combination of cardio conditioning and strength training. Christa is the CLMBR Director of Training and Education overseeing class programming in their Colorado and West Hollywood studios, the on-demand workouts as well as leading the team of instructors.

Featured on the today show, rolling stone magazine, good house keeping, women’s & men’s health, Forbes, and with investors like Mr. Worldwide, Odell Beckham Jr., Novak Djokovic and Hov there is only one way to the top and that’s CLMBR baby!

It is an honor to welcome Christa Dellebovi to Creating The 4% podcast this week!

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