Madison Ciccone: The Knock, Her Journey To Serve & Inspire Others & Being Wicked Fearless

Creating the 4%: Real Life Stories From The Fitness Industry's Top Instructors

28-02-2023 • 1 hr 16 mins


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She went from the friday night velvet ropes scene in Los Angeles to SoulCycle Master Instructor.

Madison Ciccone grew up in Rhode Island with big dreams of working in the Music Industry. After completing her education in Nashville, she packed her bags and off to Hollywood she went!

During her time in the Golden State, she was an intern at the Ellen DeGeneres show, worked in ad agencies, digital marketing, as an executive assistant for some prominent A listers like Simon Fuller, she also worked on music videos, Rihanna’s tour wardrobe, with some bartending & front desk hours at Equinox, you know, as one does, to make ends meet.

Madison was in the thick of the all too familiar career grind until the day she heard  “the knock” SoulCycle WeHo happened to be across the street from the Equinox she worked at and when she decided to take a class with a friend the dots that connected her entire FitPro journey began to form.

It is easy to connect them looking back, but what you don’t know about this athlete with the heart of a champion, is that she is so much more than an indoor cycling instructor.

I had the honor of taking her class this summer and confirming first hand that she is a REAL ONE people, and I cannot wait to share her incredible story with you.

Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Confidence & Mindset Coach, Community Cultivator, Social Media Influencer, and same last name as Madonna, MaddzTaddz has been featured in Shape Magazine, PopSugar, The Today Show, Byrdie and New York Magazine.

With 45k followers on instagram, Madison has leveraged her platform to advance her passion for philanthropy work with organizations like Life Rolls On & most recently the Pan Mass Challenge, where she took a break from tapbacks to ride 100 miles in 100 degrees to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Fresh off her birthday, her engagement and her fabulous trip to Pariiiii, Joyful, Loving and above all FEARLESS, it is an honor to welcome Madison to the Creating The 4% Podcast this week!