Laura Dockrill

Duvet Days

27-06-2019 • 44 mins

Poet and children’s author Laura Dockrill has a duvet day and a cuppa with Abby Hollick to chat about her punk childhood, surviving postpartum psychosis with help from her best mate Adele, and why she’s finally beaten her fear of the dark. She shares her memories of meeting Adele at the BRIT school, why she keeps notes of encouragement under her pillow, and how turning 30 and going through a divorce made her rethink her life.

Laura also talks in detail about her experience of postpartum psychosis and why she felt as though she’d pushed her personality out along with her baby. Laura is determined to speak openly about mental illness and her recovery as she hopes that it will help others and will prove that mental illness can affect anyone and does not discriminate. This episode includes discussion of suicidal thoughts and paranoia. If you have been affected by issues relating to emotional distress, pregnancy-related issues or suicide help and support is available via the BBC Action Line:

Presenter and Producer: Abby Hollick Executive Producer: Mike Hally Assistant Producer: Rosie Stopher Composer: Ian Kellett Duvet Days is a Square Dog Media production.