Camilla Thurlow

Duvet Days

22-08-2019 • 34 mins

Humanitarian and reality TV star Camilla Thurlow invites Abby to her new pad to chat about how Love Island pulled her out of a dark time in her life, how falling in love with Jamie Jewitt on the show changed her and why she lets their new french bulldog puppies snuggle in bed.

Camilla discusses growing up in Dumfries, as a shy and self-proclaimed 'uncool' kid, going off to boarding school at the age of 10 and receiving a letter from her Mum every day to help her cope with homesickness.

She opens up about her work as a bomb disposal expert in Cambodia and reveals that witnessing the devastating affects landmines have on civilians left her feeling guilty and emotionally shut off. Love Island was her last ditch attempt to shake off these feelings - and it worked!

Give yourself a duvet day and check out the final episode of Series 2, as Camilla kicks back and talks about the car crash she survived at 18 and why her and Jamie are not the perfect Instagram couple.

Presenter and Producer: Abby Hollick Executive Producer: Mike Hally Assistant Producer: Rosie Stopher Composer: Ian Kellett

Duvet Days is a Square Dog Media production