Duvet Days

11-07-2019 • 35 mins

Ray BLK is lighting her candles and staying in her silk pink pjs to talk escaping bad relationships, growing up in South London and working with her hero Ms Dynamite.

She recalls childhood memories of blasting Whitney Houston with her mum, plastering her walls with Justin Timberlake, and watching MTV all day.

The first unsigned artist to win BBC Sound of, she explains how she struggled with her newfound fame and why being compared to Adele can be a lot of pressure.

Ray shares her excitement at going back to Nigeria for the first time since the age of four and how her brother’s autism teaches her not to judge others.

Plus she gives Abby the goss on her new album, and why it’s worth the wait.

Presenter and Producer: Abby Hollick Executive Producer: Mike Hally Assistant Producer: Rosie Stopher Composer: Ian Kellett

Duvet Days is a Square Dog Media production.