The Power Of Discipleship: How Discipleship Can Transform Your Life Forever w/ Ash Elise

The Purpose Collective

13-02-2024 • 52 mins

We are all called to be disciples of Jesus but discipleship isn't often talked about or pushed in the church. It's time to change that.

Ash Elisé is a teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, speaker, and a writer. She is the leader of The 2040 Discipleship Group which is a discipleship program that teaches, equips, & disciples you so that you can grow in your personal relationship with God & be a fruitful laborer in this end-time harvest. Ashlee is known for her unique way of breaking down scripture so that it can be applied practically & spiritually. It’s important for her to be biblically sound, stick to the text, & effectively share the revelation that God shares with her. Ashlee is known for speaking the truth in love so that the people she’s ministering to can truly be free indeed. She believes in the full gospel of Jesus Christ & that God’s word has the final say. Ash Elisé believes that the Lord has anointed her for such a time as this & she is set on, intentionally making disciples daily.

In this episode, we explored:

  • How Ashlee came to know Jesus for herself
  • The process she went through learning to hear and trust God's voice
  • How she learned to read and study the Bible in order to be ready for discipleship
  • Why she calls Jesus her friend
  • Being a disciple and the importance of discipleship
  • Why Ashlee is confident in her ability to disciple others
  • How discipleship differs from mentoring

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