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Genre-bending Philly Rockers LOUD LOVE take listeners on a journey as they discuss the creation of their brand new album, The Price of Addiction. Band Members and Hosts Vinny Marone, Billy Monetti, and Pete Cunningham rip the curtain back and barrel through the fourth wall, giving listeners an in-depth look of life in a (and we're being generous, here) mildly successful rock 'n roll band in the 21st century. read less


Episode 3 : Randy Ballinger
Episode 3 : Randy Ballinger
On Episode 3 of the LOUD LOVE Podcast, we welcome a very special guest to the show as we bring you the incredible story of a truly inspiring individual in every sense of the word. And we just happen to be lucky enough to call him our friend. And his name is Mr. Randy Ballinger. Randy plays so many roles in life. He’s the bassist in one of our favorite bands ever, Jersey Calling. He is a Philadelphia fireman. And, most importantly, he’s an incredible father and role model to two lovely young ladies and the fiancé of another wonderful lady as well. As human beings, we go through this life meeting lots of different types of people. I’m sure many of you listening today know of some folks who may be… a “legend in their own mind”… or go out of their way to convince themselves and others of how important they are. Randy Ballinger is a real-life legend. A real-life hero and inspiration. The most mind-blowing part? He’s also one of the most humble and generous people you’d ever meet. We knew all of this before Randy’s recent accident – an accident that, by his own account- could have taken his life. The story you're about to listen to could have ben spun with a much different tone if things played out just a little differently on February 25th of 2023. But Randy is here and he has handled the aftermath of his injury with the utmost of dignity and grace. We welcome you to listen to the story of a life well-lived, of a recovery that is truly miraculous, and of a future that is all the brighter because Randy Ballinger is in it. Welcome to the LOUD LOVE Podcast.