The Principle Podcast

EksAyn Aaron Anderson

How do we influence others for good?

I am on a mission to inspire as many people as I can to learn principles of influence so that they can influence those they love, and work with, for good.

Principles govern the consequences of our choices. So let's figure out what they are - especially when it comes to very important things like our relationships. We have two choices when we encounter a principle: 1) align with it; or, 2) ignore it to our peril. Take the principle of gravity: we can align with it– build a hydroelectric dam, start a skydiving company, build a ski resort, etc.–or we can ignore it to our peril and fall off a cliff. Gravity doesn’t change. Our respect and alignment (or not) with the principle is the only thing that changes. Principles govern relationships, too. They, like gravity, are ancient and timeless. And we have the same choice: align or ignore. Learn how principles govern the consequences of all of our choices.

-EksAyn Anderson

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