Ep 5: The Business of Body Intelligence with Simon Roberts

The Building New Realities Podcast

11-06-2020 • 1 hr 3 mins

This week Tim Fleming’s guest is Simon Roberts, Business Anthropologist.

Simon is one the world’s leading anthropologists in business.  He advises some of the largest global organisations, including Intel, Facebook, Spotify, Google and many other Fortune 500 companies, through his London-based consultancy, Stripe Partners. His book The Power of Not Thinking is out now in e-book and Audio format and will be published on July 9th.

Simon talks to Tim about how he helps companies understand people by conducting ethnographic research and thereby taking yourself into other people’s worlds. Companies can therefore construct meaning in pursuit of building better products and services by grounding  truth and reality to businesses. The Covid crisis has rapidly accelerated the adoption of remote immersive collaboration technologies - Tim and Simon discuss Amara’s Law - will it prove us wrong as we assume everything is going to change quickly post Covid?

In discussing his new book, Simon  suggests that intelligence can be held in our bodies and that embodied knowledge is a real force - should we trust our executive brain or should we trust our gut? Find out in this fascinating discussion.