Ep 23: Innovating in the world of DeFi & StableCoins with Publius, Beanstalk Farms

The Building New Realities Podcast

11-04-2022 • 1 hr

In today's episode, Tim speaks with Publius, the anonymous founder(s) of Beanstalk, a decentralized credit based stablecoin protocol uses a new and novel method of pegging their native currency $BEAN, to the value of $1. Together they discuss the purpose that stablecoins play in the cryptocurrency markets and what makes Beanstalk so innovative.

Beanstalk: https://bean.money/

Beanstalk Farms Twitter: https://twitter.com/BeanstalkFarms

Publius' Twitter: https://twitter.com/isthispublius

00:00: Introduction

01:06: What is the purpose of a stablecoin in the world of cyptocurrency? And what problem do they solve?

04:30: Collateral & Credit based stablecoins

07:00: The problem with collateral based stablecoins

08:00: How Beanstallk's credit based stablecoin works

10:05: The success of Tera Luna

11:15: Digging in on the volatility and cost of borrowing for stablecoins

15:40: What drew Publius into the world of finance

18:30: How do you explain DeFi to newcomers?

23:45: How can people engage with Beanstalk?

26:20: The mechanics of Beanstalk's borrowing

30:15: The Beanstalk DAO & How Beanstalk stablises the cost of BEAN to $1

36:00: Incentivising people to remain invested in Beanstalk

37:45: The journey for a first time user getting involved with Beanstalk

42:00: Clarifying terms and the user journey

43:30: What can I use Beans for?

48:00: The vision for Beanstalk's future

51:15: Where do you see the future of DeFi?

55:30: What does Publius think about NFTs?

57:00: What would Publius do with $100 million to spend on a social programme with no red tape?

Disclaimer: This podcast is for information purposes only. This should not be relied upon as a basis for investment decisions.